New E-Commerce Tax in Thailand

The new E-commerce tax regulations have been enacted by the Act amendment to the Revenue Code No 53 B.E. 2564 (2021). This Act were published in the Royal Government Gazette on February 10, 2021. Summary of this Act are as follows:

  1. The foreign based online platform operators who provide electronic services (selling goods and services on internet platforms) to non-VAT operators in Thailand and generate annual income exceeding THB 1,800,000 from non-VAT operators in Thailand will be required to register VAT with the Revenue Department as well as to file monthly VAT returns and pay VAT to the Revenue Office.
  1. Electronic Services” means that the Services, which include intangible assets that are automatically transmitted through the Internet or any other electronic network, and which could not be rendered without such technology such as movies, songs, online games, sticker downloads.
  1. Electronic Platform” means a market, channel or any other process used by numerous operators to provide electronic services to the service recipients such as Google, Facebook, Youtube, Line, Jook, Netfix.
  1. The foreign based online platform is prohibited to apply for any input tax for VAT computation.
  1. The VAT collection will be effective from September 1, 2021.
  1. The Ministry of Finance and the Revenue Department will issue Ministerial Regulation and the Notification of the Director General for additional details of rules, procedures and requirements of the new e-commerce tax.  

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