JTJB Seminar event 2019

On 3rd April 2019, JTJB International Lawyers Co., Ltd.  hosted the “JTJB seminar Event 3rd April 2019” to discuss on the topic of (i) Inheritance and Gift Tax and (ii) Director’s Duties under Thai, Myanmar and Singapore Laws.

During the seminar, Khun Kosol (Partner of JTJB Bangkok) delivered the information and legal knowledge related to the Inheritance and Gift Tax. Thereafter, the panel discussion comprised with Mr. John Sze (Deputy Managing Director from JTJB Singapore) as moderator, Mrs. Florence Goh (Partner from JTJB Singapore) as a panelist and Mr. Bunnasomboon Chaiparinya (Partner from JTJB Bangkok) as also a panelist discussed and provided the keys aspects of the director’s duties under different jurisdictions, namely Thailand, Myanmar and Singapore.