JTJB Lawyer Gives Perspective on Thai Cave Incident

The 12 boys and their coach that were trapped in a cave in northern Thailand for 17 days certainly made headlines across the world. Rescue divers and Navy Seal members from all different nations came together to help save the boys who lived on limited food rations and minimal oxygen. 

Yet, when the boys finally were liberated from the flooded cave, another question remained at hand. What would happen to the 25-years old Thai coach who had allowed the boys to travel that far into the cave in the first place?

For followers of the story who are unfamiliar with Thai law, JTJB’s associate lawyer, Chatnarin Bumpenwattana, was featured in a Business Insider article explaining the probable legal fate that would meet the young coach. 

He was quoted saying, “I personally believe that the coach would not face criminal charges…At first, he got lots of blame. But the news appeared that he properly took care of the children and … that he gave his food to the children, so there is not much anger against him right now.

So far, the JTJB lawyer’s predictions seem to hold true as no lawsuits have been filed against the soccer coach.

For more information regarding Bumpenwattana’s perspective on the Thai cave incident, go here: https://www.businessinsider.sg/thai-cave-rescue-soccer-team-coach-sued-2018-7/?r=US&IR=T